Bright Green Round Neck Embroidery Designer Bridal Blouse with Back Ribbon

The bright green embroidered bridal blouse with ribbon back design unites two groups with varying styles, tastes and opinions about fashion via embroidery designs on their bridal blouse. The green colour symbolises nature and encourages a sense of wellbeing in those who see it. White creates a sense of elegance and tradition, which is why it appears on both the front and back of the ladies' blouse in this product..

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✅   Type Blouse
✅   Print or Pattern Type Embroidery
✅   Wash Care Gentle Wash
✅   Occasion Wedding
✅   Blouse Fabric Satin
✅   Front Round Neck
✅   Back Round Neck
✅   Sleeves Glass
✅   Padded Yes


Designer bridal blouses are created with elegance, charm and timeless beauty. These designs are pure expression of the bride's personality and taste. Each designer bridal blouse is designed to complement the bride's natural beauty with bold colors, exquisite trims and intricate embroidery. Each element of a designer bridal blouse contributes to its overall aesthetic appeal.

The most prominent element of a designer bridal blouse is bright green. Green is one of the most popular colors in designer bridal blouses because it is both elegant and timeless. It's also an ideal color to match with many other colors since it offsets all hues. A prominent green also creates a friendly and calm environment. Along with the green, other elements incorporated in the design include white, gold, diamonds and fine details such as lace and ribbons. Essentially, this shirt contains everything a bride needs to make her wedding day perfect.

The green used in the design is a soft but strong tone that stands out against the white background. This creates a beautiful and harmonious color scheme that highlights the bride's natural beauty while accentuating her marital status. Green also has a soothing effect on people's emotions, making it an ideal color for creating a friendly and calming environment for guests to relax in between activities. This workspace would be conducive to creative ideas as well as social interactions- greatly enhancing the overall mood of the wedding day.

The neckline of the designer bridal shirt features a round V-shape with green trim along its outer edge. This adds extra charm to the design since it highlights parts of the flowers beautifully. The V-shape also accentuates the bride's waistline and makes it easier for her to alter her posture when sitting or standing upright. Adding even more interest to this design aspect is the back chain link. The link consists of a delicate green chain linked together by a pearl pendant. This gives subtle movement to this prominent element while also emphasizing its graceful movement and natural gracefulness.

A designer bridal blouse is pure expression of creativity, taste, personality and passion- all essential elements of a bride's wedding day. A designer bridal blouse should accentuate her natural beauty while adding interest and significance to her marital status through accompanying trimmings such as chains and flowers. These thoughts inspired me to conceptualize this piece, which showcases how creativity can bring different elements together in perfect harmony to create something truly beautiful.

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