Bright Purple Sweet Heart Cut Designer Bridal Blouse with Zardosi Work

The bright purple color of the blouse makes the bride stand out from her family. Dark wedding dresses have a tendency to blend in with all the other guests at weddings. This can be especially true when the bride wears a light color like ivory or cream. However, bright purple stands out against all other colors, making it a perfect choice for a wedding dress or other formal wear. To ensure that the purple stands out, Wevow had her bridal designer use a very saturated shade of purple. This ensures that the purple will be eye-catching no matter what background it appears against.

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✅   Type Blouse
✅   Print or Pattern Type Embroidery
✅   Wash Care Gentle Wash
✅   Occasion Wedding
✅   Blouse Fabric Satin
✅   Front Sweet Heart Neck
✅   Back Round Neck
✅   Sleeves Glass
✅   Padded Yes


A bright purple sweetheart cut bridal blouse with zardosi work is the perfect way to introduce your bride to the world. The zardosi work on this design emphasizes the bride's love for her husband. She wants everyone to know how much she loves her husband by wearing this designer blouse with her husband's name featured on it. Designers use zardosi work because it symbolizes deep love for another person. A perfect outfit for a wedding would highlight the bride's love for her spouse and family through symbolism and bold colors.

Brides who want a unique look for their wedding should consider a bold purple sweetheart cut blouse with zardosi work on it. Designers use zardosi work to emphasize a relationship with another person. The design features two hearts connected by a line that runs through the middle of both hearts. The connection between the two hearts shows that the two people in this relationship are connected by deep love. Since the design encourages people to understand the bride's feelings about her husband, she should wear this blouse when introducing herself to her friends and family. Explaining how she feels about her husband will be easier when everyone can see a symbol of that love on display.

A heart line running through two hearts is also symbolic of love between a man and his wife. The man wants to connect both of his hearts with his wife's so he may call her his own. He does this by connecting his heart to hers through marriage - hence the term 'heart connected.' Furthermore, since zardosi work is inspired by Persian designs, this style of art focuses on connecting hearts through love. A man who loves his wife should connect their two hearts so they may share their mutual love for one another.

A purple bridal blouse accented with zardosi work symbolizes deep love between two people- most obviously between a husband and his wife. Both heart lines connect their hearts so they may share in each other's feelings of love and affection. Since this designer bridal blouse emphasizes marital bliss, it makes sense that it bears designs inspired by Persian art styles.

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