Bright Red Round Neck Bridal Back Cut with Ribbon Satin Embroidery Designer Blouse

A bright red round neck bridal satin embroidered designed blouse will help you stand out at your wedding reception. It'll also show everyone how much you loved your fiancé when you chose this romantic color for your wedding day. Satin is an excellent fabric for a bridal blouse because it's both elegant and affordable. Consider wearing one of these during this season!



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✅   Type Blouse
✅   Occasion Wedding
✅   Wash Care Gentle Wash
✅   Front Round Neck
✅   Back Round Neck
✅   Sleeves Glass
✅   Print & Pattern Embroidery
✅   Padded Yes


It's a wedding tradition for the bride and her bridal party to wear matching dresses. The dresses should accentuate the bride's body features while complementing the bride's personality. The bridal party also wears matching accessories such as veils and earrings. A bridesmaids' dress can be an elegant, form-fitting or casual, knee-length dress. Embroidery on the bodice adds dimension and detail to the dress. A satin back adds luxurious sheen to the back of the bridesmaids' dress. A bow at the back completes the classic look of a bridal party dress.

The most iconic feature of a bright red bridesmaids' dress is its bold, bright red color. The satin is a rich red hue that stands out from other hues. The satin is smooth and semi-beaded due to its quality. It's also durable and can withstand frequent washing. The satin has a soft, silky feel that comes from its high quality and fine weave. The satin has excellent resiliency and can handle repeated wash cycles without losing its softness or beauty. Additionally, the satin has a high sheen that reflects light like a mirror.

A round neckline extends the classic silhouette of a bridesmaids' dress down past the bust area. The extended neckline creates a graceful curve that dips down towards the bride's chest. A round neckline also softly frames the face by extending beyond the veil area and earring choices. A round neckin extends further down towards the base of the bride's neck. This area is usually covered by her veil when she walks down the aisle to marry her groom. A round neckline softens harsh lines in this sensitive area by extending down towards her chest area where her heart is located.

The back of a traditional bridesmaids' dress has two distinct parts - a train and an upper bodice. The upper bodice extends above both hips and covers the upper portion of the bust area. Embroidery on this part of the dress adds dimension, detail and embellishment to this portion of the dress. The upper bodice often dips down towards the chest area to give it a more feminine, curved appearance. A bow or ruffle at the base of this portion completes this part of the back design choice.

Adding to the classic look of a bridesmaids' dress, embellishments can enhance their beauty. These can include crystals, pearls or other gemstones around necklines, sleeves or at waistlines. Other embellishments include tucks, pleats or darts in various areas of the dress to give it extra form-fit flexibility for different body types. Embellishments enhance a bride's beloved friend's special day while enhancing her own magical fairytale dream wedding!

A bright red bridesmaids' dress is one of life's most exciting wardrobe choices for someone celebrating personal anniversary news with personal flair! The classic red shade compliments almost any skin tone, hair color or eye color! Every element - from its soft, luxurious satin back to its sparkling crystals - contributes to an unforgettable day!

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