Green Sweet Heart Neck Golden Printed Sleeveless Net Back Brocade Blouse

The blouse is bright and refreshing in color. Green is a happy color that promotes positivity and confidence. It's also an energizing color that can help with stress levels.

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✅   Type Blouse
✅   Wash Care Gentle Wash
✅   Occasion Party
✅   Blouse Fabric Brocade
✅   Front Sweet Heart Neck
✅   Back Zero Neck
✅   Sleeves Sleeveless
✅   Padded Yes


A brocade blouse with a heart-shaped neckline looks very romantic. It is also a traditional Chinese garment that is worn by both men and women. Some people wear brocade as an outerwear, while others wear it under their clothes to make them look rich. Brocade is made from silk and has intricate patterns woven into it. It is often used to make formal clothing such as formal gowns, tuxedos and military uniforms.

A heart-shaped neckline looks good on almost all women because it is flattering to their features. Women with hearts-shaped necks look more beautiful than those without. Furthermore, a heart-shaped neckline makes women look more friendly and sweet. Plus, many women feel more confident when they wear a heart-shaped neckline. This is because a heart-shaped neck aspect boosts their self-esteem. A brocade blouse has a heart-shaped neckline because hearts are traditionally used to represent love and affectionate feelings such as affectionate feelings towards family members and friends.

The heart shape looks especially good on women with green eyes. Green is the color of freshness, fertility, nature and springtime. Therefore, a green heart looks especially good on women with green eyes. Furthermore, a green heart on a woman's chest area - in the form of a heart - further accentuates her friendly and sweet personality. As such, green sweetheart - in reference to a woman with green eyes - appears to have friendly and sweet aspects associated with her at the same time she appears lovely and adorable at the same time.

On many levels, green has great symbolic value as a color that represents love, health and spirituality. Therefore, people use green to express their feelings or promote ideas about peace or tranquility. The natural cooling properties of green make it a popular summertime color as well. Ultimately, through history, green has proven itself synonymous with love on many levels.

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