Pink Round Neck Stylish Side Cut High Neck Brocade Blouse

A high neckline is one of the most prominent fashion statements that a woman can make. Women wear high necklines to show off their graceful figures and to create a sexy and alluring appearance. Fashion designers have also incorporated high necklines into their designs to give women a sense of fashion and to create an air of mystery and elegance.

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✅   Type Blouse
✅   Wash Care Gentle Wash
✅   Occasion Party
✅   Occasion Casual
✅   Blouse Febric Brocade
✅   Front Round With Different Cut
✅   Back High Neck
✅   Back Deep Round
✅   Sleeves Glass
✅   Padded No


A high neck blouse is one of the most popular women's fashion choices. Women love the elegant looks of a high neck blouse and the comfort it provides. Many women wear high neck blouses both at home and in public. Those with a fashionable mind can easily accessorize a high neck blouse to create a unique look.

A high neck blouse is a tunic-like garment that extends to the hips. It has an opening at the neck and sleeves that extend past the elbows. The high neck blouse is ideal for hot climates as it keeps your body cool and protects you from the sun. The name 'blouse' comes from the French meaning 'sleeve.' Therefore, calling a garment a 'blouse' implies that it has sleeves. Since the term 'blouse' can also mean 'shirt,' it suggests that a garment is more than just a shirt- but also has sleeves.

High neck cuts are created by cutting across the width of the collar at an angle instead of straight down. This creates an edging effect on both sides of the shirt, which looks particularly nice with flared sleeves. Women with this cut style tend to have narrower shoulders than those with regular cut shirts. This narrow shoulder area allows them to wear tighter fitting shirts that accentuate their curves while appearing modest on them.

Women with wide shoulders often find it difficult to wear tight fitting shirts without looking bulky. They also have trouble wearing jackets due to the shoulderpad's interference with their shoulder joints. High neck cuts eliminate these issues by allowing for full range of motion without restricting breathing. Because of this, high neck cuts are especially comfortable for people with broad shoulders and are great for outdoor activities like gardening or sports.

A high neck blouse is an elegant garment ideal for women with fashion sense and taste in style. The comfortable feel of these shirts make them popular among women of all ages and body types. Plus, you can easily accessorize your new shirt for any style you want to create. Women with fashion taste will find that a high neck shirt fits their style perfectly once they have accessorized it for their look!

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