Red & White Full Body Designed Resham Check Aplic Saree for Daily Wear

The red & white colors make an interesting contrast with each other. Each color is distinct yet complementary. This concept can be seen in many Indian paintings where both red and white colors feature prominently. White is used as a symbol of purity in Indian religion such as Vaishnavism, where it represents the essence of goodness such as goodness of soul or character. On the other hand, red is associated with blood which represents life; as such, a wounded or dying person would wear red to show his appreciation for life while accepting his fate on earth.

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✅   Wash Care Dry Wash
✅   Occasion Daily Wear
✅   Blouse Fabric Unstitched Blouse Piece
✅   Saree Fabric Reham Check
✅   Design Aplic
✅   Length 214 inch
✅   Width 46 inch


We all know sarees are worn by women in India as daily wear. Indian culture is rich in tradition and sarees are part of that. Sarees originated from the south region of India and are designed with different colors and patterns. Some women prefer Red & White check aplic saree as their look. They have beautiful designs, quality and comfort. Here is a detailed review of a saree designed with red and white full body designs.

Red & white check aplic sarees are worn mostly in American culture. They are especially popular during festive seasons like Christmas, Valentine's Day & Easter. These are glamorous sarees that are perfect for special occasions. People love how they stand out during festivals and other events. These are high quality sarees that are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They're also relatively affordable compared to designer styles.

Rhesham is a traditional Indian weft technique which uses metallics as weft threads. The main colors used in this aplic are red, white, gold, silver & black. The border is also in black & red with sparkles to give it an added shine. There are also white stripes along the borders which complement the red color well. The designs along the body of the saree add to the overall beauty of the design. The body has three rows of designs with red and white checkerboard patterns alternating vertically. Each row has gold borders with silver centers and red edges. The weft thread is also red & gold for a striking visual contrast with the body design.

This aplic Saree can be matched with any formal Indian outfit for formal events or workplace presentations. It can also be paired up with golden jewelry, black formal boots and a black formal suit for an elegant look at work or weddings. For informal affairs, you can pair this red & white saree with a white kurta or dhoti to give it that formal feel without all the hassle of wearing suits or kurtas. This will help you look stylish while maintaining your dignity since these aren't your typical leisurewear outfits!

We think this is a beautiful, high quality and comfortable saree perfect for special occasions or daily wear! Anyone can look stylish with this amazing design! It works great with any formal or informal outfit and can be paired with gold accessories for an elegant look at work or weddings! We highly recommend this one!

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