White & Red Cotton chikan mix round neck puff sleeve with back lace designer blouse

Arisu is an acronym for all types of cotton chikan mix. This type of clothing is referred to as chikan mix when the fabric has both silk and cotton threads. The word chikan, which means excretion, originally referred to human waste. Over time, this term became synonymous with dross or trash, and the concept of throwing out valuable materials developed. Essentially, the term 'chikan' derived from the notion that something of value remained after something worthless was discarded. Essentially, cotton chikan mix became a symbol of conspicuous consumption since the clothing was expensive and fashionable.

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✅   Type Blouse
✅   Wash Care Gentle Wash
✅   Occasion Party
✅   Occasion Casual
✅   Blouse Febric Cotton & Chikan Mix
✅   Front Round Neck
✅   Back Round Neck
✅   Sleeves Puff Glass
✅   Padded No


Cotton chikan mix blouses are popular among spring summer and autumn graduates. They find these blouses suitable for their hot weather and casual work styles. These blouses are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Women can modify the cotton chikan mix blouse to suit their personal style. For example, a woman may wear an oversize red cotton chikan mix blouse with white shorts or a blue skirt to exude a stylish aura.

Arisu is similar to the English idiom chucking a ruck-sack full of swans. This expression refers to an excessiveness that causes one to ignore one's own goals in favor of someone else's. In this way, a woman may modify her cotton chikan mix blouse in pursuit of her own style goals. For example, a woman may wear an oversized red cotton chikan mix blouse with white shorts or a blue skirt to exude a stylish aura. This is because modifying a fashionable article conveys an impressive degree of wealth and taste while modifying an inexpensive one indicates a modest degree of taste.

One way women can modify their cotton chikan mix blouses is by adjusting their sleeve lengths. This is because wearing short sleeves on top of an upper body garment accentuates one's upper body while wearing long sleeves under an upper body garment emphasizes lower body areas. Women can also modify their cotton chikan mix blouses by adjusting their necklines between two neckline heights. This is because wearing an upper body garment with different neckline heights emphasizes different areas of the torso. First, one may wear an upper body garment with a high neckline between two low neckline heights. Subsequently, one may change to wearing the same upper body garment with a low neckline between two high neckline heights. The variations are endless when it comes hand-tailoring or modifying upper body pieces such as cotton chikan mix blouses!

The above examples provide foundational ideas for women wanting to modify their cotton chikan mix blouses into various wardrobes-chic ensembles! Anyone can successfully modify upper body pieces such A cotton chikan mix blouse into their own personal style by choosing suitable sleeves, modifying one's height, and choosing appropriate necklines!

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