Kaftan Sea Green V Neck Cotton Fabric Dress

The Kaftan is a traditional garment worn by many cultures. It's a long, flowing piece of clothing with a neckline. The word 'Kaftan' comes from the Arabic word for long sleeve. In the past, Kaftans were made of expensive fabrics such as velvet, but now you can find affordable versions made from cotton and other fabrics. Many people enjoy wearing Kaftans for their comfort and versatility.



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✅   Type Kurti
✅   Wash Care Gentle Wash
✅   Occasion Party
✅   Length 46
✅   Neck V
✅   Febric Cotton


The sea green color looks great with many different hair colors. You can find a wide range of fabrics to make the sea green kaftan: cotton, silk, and synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon. You can also make your Kaftan more comfortable by adding a soft lining to the inside. This is typically done by sewing small loops to the inside of the garment where you can hook your arms through. The loops keep your arms from touching your skin, which makes it much more comfortable to wear the Kaftan slung across your body.

Kaftans are commonly used as pajamas or nightshirts. They're also great for covering your body during hot weather. Many people wear Kaftans as traditional dress in cultures such as Pakistan and India. They're also common in Egypt where they're worn during festivals and holidays. Other cultures such as the Bedouin wear Kaftans as regular clothing. They're extremely versatile and can fit any situation.

The Kaftan is a traditional garment used throughout many cultures. It's a comfortable piece of clothing that can be worn anywhere- including bed, at home or while traveling. You can make any Kaftan unique by adding a soft lining to prevent itching or making it into a shawl or kufi headdress.

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