White Reyon Fabric Slub Sleeveless Yoke Cut Designer Jump Suit

White reyon fabric is produced from cotton fibers dyed with the synthetic fiber rayon. It's a popular fabric used in men's and women's summer clothing. White reyon jump suits are sleeveless with a yoke in the front and back. The yokes are cut on the bias so they hang straight down without curves. Sleeves are cut on the bias as well and drop straight down from the shoulder blades. A straight hem cuts off at the ankles, where it changes to a curved hem for a more feminine look.



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✅   Type Kurti
✅   Print or Pattern Type Reyon Slub
✅   Wash Care Gentle Wash
✅   Occasion Party
✅   Occasion Casual
✅   Sleeves Sleeves Less
✅   Cut Yoke
✅   Length Full 52
✅   Febric Reyon Slub


A white reyon fabric jump suit has a white sleeveless yoke with a dark colored fabric on the sides. The straight hem is sewn to the body at an angle to give it a curved look. Each side of the yoke is cut at an angle to give the entire garment a slant. The sleeves are also cut at an angle so they slant up to the upper arm area. This creates a more fitted look for men and women alike. Sleeves can be sewn inside out to give them a more relaxed and cooler look without exposing the white rayon underneath.

White reyon jump suits are popular in many summer styles since they are breathable and cool. They can be worn under light or heavy clothing for comfort or as a casual outerwear piece on their own. White reyon fabrics are also excellent for children since they're strong, durable and resistant to stains. Children can safely play in white rayon jump suits without worrying about ruining their favorite outfits. Sleeves can be rolled up when children are too hot or when they want to wear sleeves underneath their favorite shirt. Men of all ages wear white reyon jump suits as pants or as shorts for comfort or as lounge pants. Women wear white rayon jump suits as skirt replacements or for extra warmth under their favorite fall/winter outfits.

White reyon jump suits look good on men and women alike. Sleeveless white rayon jump suits look great on men since they can be worn alone or under light clothing for extra comfort. Women wear white rayon jump suits as casual outerwear pieces that can be paired with any casual bottoms for a comfortable yet stylish ensemble.

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