Light Violet Jute Linen Cheecha Fabrics Silk Formal Wear Set

Jute and linen cheecha fabrics form the base layer of traditional Indian wear. In some countries, these fabrics are referred to as 'silk.' Traditionally, Indian men and women wore different types of cheecha fabrics for different occasions. For example, they used a formal wear set when they attended a wedding. Each set had a different name in different regions of India. Over time, these sets developed into a series of different combinations.

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✅   Type Formal Wear
✅   Wash Care Gentle Wash
✅   Occasion Party
✅   Occasion Casual
✅   Occasion Office
✅   Jacket Febric Jute Linen
✅   Top & Pant Cheecha Silk


Formal jute linen cheecha silk wear sets are used for special occasions- like weddings and religious ceremonies. They're often hand-embroidered with intricate designs. Men typically wear these sets while people are at work and women while they're at home. For example, some people wear 'dhurries' or pyjamas made out of linen cheecha fabric during the night. Men also tend to use formal wear sets for their work. Formal wear sets tend to be more expensive than everyday sets. That's because each set is custom-made and handcrafted by artisans using high quality materials.

It's easy to predict weather conditions by matching your wear set with clothing pieces. For example, people from northern India match their formal wear sets with jackets during the winter months. They also match their formal wear sets with shoes during summer months when they're wearing sandals. During the spring months, people from northern India match their formal wear sets with jackets while they're wearing shoes and socks. They also match their formal wear sets with pants while they're wearing sandals during the spring months as well.

Formal jute linen cheecha silk wear sets are typically gender-based pieces that match men's or women's attire. Artisans design each set based on regional fashion trends in order to appeal to both genders equally.

A formal jute linen cheecha silk wear set is ideal for special occasions like weddings and religious ceremonies or for comfort when you're at work or home. Set pieces help you predict weather conditions so you can prepare accordingly and look good no matter what you're doing. Both men and women can use various sets for any occasion by just changing the pieces they include in their ensemble.

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