Pink & Yellow Full Body Designer Resham Check Aplic Saree for Daily Wear

Based on research, pink and yellow are good for your mental health based on their association with joy, optimism, friendship and affection, and balance and well-being. These colors are perfect for any season or occasion due to their versatility and adaptability to any mood or style of clothing you want to wear them with. Reham checks also make great gifts that anyone would love!

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✅   Wash Care Dry Wash
✅   Occasion Daily Wear
✅   Blouse Fabric Unstitched Blouse Piece
✅   Saree Fabric Reham Check
✅   Design Aplic
✅   Length 214 inch
✅   Width 46 inch


A saree is an essential part of a woman's wardrobe. It is a traditional Indian dress and is usually worn by women in India. Sarees are usually multilayered and made up of different fabrics. The most common saree designs are georgette, satin, and silk. A sari is the most common form of saree and comes in different colors and designs. Women from various socio-economic backgrounds wear sarees. It is used for both daily wear and special occasions.

The saree is a body-hugging piece of clothing that goes down to the ankles. The saree is usually worn as a traditional Indian dress by women in India. However, it is also worn as a casual attire by women in different parts of the world. The sarees are usually pink or yellow with floral designs and checks. The most common types of sarees are pure silk with cotton, and cotton with silk. Sarees range in price depending on their quality and design. Women from different socio-economic backgrounds can afford to buy sarees depending on their income levels.

The pink portion of the designed saree has horizontal pink banding with multiple yellow strips at the ends. There are multiple yellow checks as well as pink dots along with yellow borders at the ends of the saree. The yellow portion has horizontal bands that end at the base with multiple pink dots at the base. There are also multiple yellow borders at the base of the saree with pink borders above them. There are yellow bands across the middle with pink borders above them and pink bands below them. The middle portion of the saree has a pattern of pink petals encircling an outline of yellow petals on a green background. There are multiple green leaves at each end of each pink petal throughout this portion of the saree. The base portion of the saree has multiple pink borders with yellow borders at each end as well as multiple yellow bands at the base. There is also an orange border around this base that signifies prosperity and good luck.

As stated in the introduction, a woman can choose to wear her designer resham check sari at home or out of home venues. It can be worn during summer or winter season based on her preference, tastes, skin tone and fashion style preferences. In addition, she can choose to wear it during festivals or special occasions such as weddings or birthday parties, etc., depending on her likes and preferences. A woman can tie her designer resham check sari into various fashionable knots such as a bajubandha, gomchupulli, etc., which she can practice at home to perfect her tying skills or outside her home environment depending on what type of knot she chooses to practice in.

A designer resham check sari is an elegant piece of clothing that accentuates a woman's curves and makes her look elegant and beautiful when she wears it properly- knotting it correctly while wearing it at home or out to events outside her home environment based on her preferences and tastes in clothing styles, colors, designs, etc.. It is an essential piece of clothing that accentuates a woman's curves based on her body type, skin tone and preference for fashion styles when she wears it properly- which she does according to her preference due to her tastes, likes and choices when she wears it outside her home environment based on her preferences in clothing styles, colors, designs etc..

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