Sleeveless Set Pesta Green Malmal Silk Fabric Kurta with Dhoti Pant

Kurta is a traditional Indian garment for men and women. It is a long shirt that covers the body from the chest down to the knees and sometimes up to the thighs. The name of this garment comes from the Persian word 'kurta', which means long shirt. The kurta is also known as ganji, chota chudiyawalli and lehenga kurti. It is usually paired with a dhoti, or a long skirt. In India, kurtas are made of multiple materials such as cotton, silk and malmal.

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✅   Type Kurti
✅   Print or Pattern Type Embroidery
✅   Wash Care Gentle Wash
✅   Occasion Party
✅   Dhoti Length 37
✅   Kurti Length 35
✅   Dhoti Waist 30
✅   Neck Sweet Heart
✅   Sleeves Sleeves Less

✅   Febric
✅   Kurti MalMal
✅   Dhoti Silk


Kurtas can be made of multiple materials such as cotton, silk and malmal silk. Cotton is commonly used for Kurta Dhoti pant sleeveless Set Pesta Green malmal silk fabric formal outfits like Kurti Suit or Churidar Suit. Malmal is a very expensive fabric used for weddings only. It has a glittery appearance and is usually colored gold or silver. Silk is used widely for formal outfits because it is both elegant and comfortable to wear.

Even though both men and women wear kurtas, women are more often seen wearing them than men are. Children also wear kurtas instead of trousers or shorts. There are many variations in the way kurtas can be worn. Short kurtas are called tikka and can be worn with a dhoti for traditional Indian weddings or formalized Indian attire such as the Kurti suit or churidar suit. Long kurtas are known as ganji and are usually paired with a dhoti in gatherings such as festivals or religious events.

A kurta is an Indian garment commonly worn by men and women throughout India- especially during festivals and religious occasions. Different materials can be used for formal outfits such As Kurti Suit or Churidar Suit or for everyday wear as casuals such as Ganji trousers worn with Dhoti pant .

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